Meet The Team
Amotion is a multi-talented member of the hip hop community. From rapping, to producing, building and managing a recording studio (Deep Flow Studios) finding and developing talented artists, running an internet radio station, local cable tv series, publishing company, and promoting herself and local artists, she has formed an entertainment company like no other. Amotion has lived in many states, developing her love for hip hop in the Boston area and upon moving to Baltimore began Deejaying and built her business.
During this time she was also writing and rapping. Music and video production had been a self-taught hobby growing up but when given the opportunity in 2001, she attended and graduated from Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Arlington, VA. Amotion has also worked in radio, running the boards at WMAL Talk Radio 630, and in TV as a writer, producer, and news anchor on her high school public access tv station. While spending time as a serious artist she performed and hosted at dozens of venues in DC, Virginia, and of course Baltimore most notably in 2004 won the opening act slot at 93.9 Winter Jam opening up for a handful of major artists. In 2006 Amotion began working with The CCYD Changz after-school program instructing the youth on how to produce their own music and eventually managing one of the young artists, Destiny Lashawn.

Amotion and her company Deep Flow ENT have received press in Rolling Stone Magazine as well as every local publication and have appeared twice on FOX 45 News as cover stories. 
Amotion has won 3 awards for her media accomplishments. Amotion grew up creating her own plays and movies and produced music for and was an extra in HBO's 'The Wire' and music recorded in-studio has been featured in The Wire and in the Tribeca Film Festival movie 'American Casino'. She hopes to get further into acting over time, and when given the time will get back to her passion as a writer/rapper while continuing to grow the company.

DaveO aka DaveOsBeatz
Music producer / Audio Engineer/ Sound designer
DaveO started producing 10 years ago.with projects all through the city and working with Future's artist Test . DaveO started making a name for himself very quick jumping into engineering and recording artist such as Lil Durk,Lil Herb,AlleyBoy, & more. He has worked on big projects throughout Baltimore city such as both of Baltimores Lor Scoota's Debut Mixtapes including the hit song Bird Flu..and music production for Fat Trel,Future,Young Moose and plenty more. Growing up in the hard city of baltimore and making a name for himself DaveO does it well and does not plan on stopping anytime can find DaveO at DeepFlowStudios and in the baltimore area book him today for custom producing,engineering and mixing ,software and sound engineering he's one of the top in the Baltimore area.
Producer / Sound Designer
Recording Artist/
Star Giovanni is a recording artist/audio engineer from Baltimore who understands as a recording artist how to get the best out any artist he works with. With engineering credits from major artists like Mr. Cheeks and J.R. Writer, Star is quite a solid choice for your next session.​​

Producer / Audio-Engineer
Born in the Southside Bronx of New York City, Mickey grew up listening to hip hop. Born the only child Mickey started rapping at a young age as a way to express himself. After moving to Baltimore at the age of 10, life changed drastically. With no father and a working single mother the cruddy baltimore streets took a hold. From gangbanging and selling drugs to runs ins with the law, life was spiraling out of control. Music became the only thing other than the street life that he saw a future in. After his mother's house was raided, as police served an arrest warrent for him, Mickey saw the bigger picture. That was the day he decided to take his music career serious. Fast forward, to current day, FOF Mickey is now the co-founder of an up and coming independent baltimore based record label named Family Ova Fame, a self taught(with help from MANY special people ive met through years) Music Producer, One of Deep Flow Studios Music Engineers and one of the most humbled and talented artist/producer/engineer in todays independent music scene.

Singer Songwriter  / Audio-Engineer

Nick got into music at a very young age, to cope with the struggles of life he lost himself in the world of music. He took home a broken miniature guitar from a friends house when he was 9 and has been playing ever since. In high school, he started producing for local rappers and recording them on a computer mic taped to the wall with a wire hanger covered in his mom's pantyhose (it was a new one!) as a pop filter. Over the years he put out music with his friends and played in bands, but after college when people started going their separate ways, he had to adapt. He learned how to sing while playing the guitar and from there he began writing, recording and performing his own songs more often as well as learning classic cover songs. He loves to make the people smile and dreams of traveling the world to play music.